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name: aurelio gonzalez
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i have the worst hangover of my life i think


Feeling very lucky to be where I am right now. :)


new work and healed work with rose

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i'm sad all the time, what drugs should i do
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the word of the lord

Yo man, what band are you in? Have you got a bandcamp or something?
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I play in a band called Xerxes. Our new LP comes out Tuesday but right now it’s streaming at xerxesband.com

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Why am I still so angsty and depressed, aren't you supposed to grow out of that?
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I guess? I am 26 and get depressed still. Find projects worth putting your time into. Invest yourself. You worry about less.



I had a tough week. Over the past month, a lot of things came crumbling down before my eyes and I panicked. I began venting to anyone who would listen about damn near anything because I felt like no one cared. I felt awful about myself - my appearance, my personality, my decisions. I shared way…

Would you guys recommend me some bands?? I'm in the mood for some new music (not that your new stuff didn't suffice)
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Old Man Gloom
Tera Melos
Breather Resist
Russian Circles
Burnt By The Sun
Pretty Girls Make Graves
JR Ewing
Red House Painters
Gray Ghost
Marnie Stern