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the world is a beautiful place … l photo: ally newbold

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Keith Latinen.


Keith Latinen.

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This Day in Mexican History

222 years ago today (December 17, 1790) the Aztec Calendar Stone was discovered in Mexico City’s Zócalo.

Workers repairing the cathedral in the city’s main square were excavating when they found the 24 ton stone carving. It was soon mounted on the wall of the cathedral where it remained until the late 1890’s when it was transferred to an archeology museum.

In 1964, the Mexica Sun Stone was moved to Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology in Chapultepec Park.

Archaeologists believe the Stone of the Sun was carved in 1479, just 40 years before contact with the Spanish.

The Stone of the Sun remains a symbol of our heritage and identity as Mexican people.

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